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maryoffice3-237x300Although as a child I used to play for hours pretending to be a teacher, I would have never imagined that as a grown-up I would be teaching English as a second language to students of all ages.  However, it just made sense after years of travelling to countries where English was not the mother tongue, I experienced first-hand how a foreigner feels when unable to communicate with others. Therefore, I started helping others through the difficult moments while learning English.

I have never agreed with the sales pitches that make learning a language “sound easy” yet “cost heavy”.  Although it may seem easy to some, and be difficult for others, it takes time and practice to maintain a good level of communicative skills like writing, reading and listening.

The expression “practice makes perfect” could never be repeated enough when it comes to speaking a foreign language. I believe clues to uphold speaking any language well, is to choose it, use it, and snooze with it! In other words, make sure you know what your needs are, work hard, and if you can, visit a country that speaks the language of your interest.

Another secret to remember while learning a second language is consistency. As in any choice we make for work, dreams, or hobbies, if you really want something you can achieve it through consistency.

So, if you have ever caught yourself pretending to speak English as a child, imagine how, with a little determination, you can speak English as a grown-up and be a beginner today. Quierohablaringles.com can help you do it!

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