Presentation Day

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Presentation Day

Well, this is it! The time has come. We have to meet the big-wig and do a presentation IN ENGLISH!

officepicEven though, we have been practicing for weeks, months, maybe even years, we still do not feel ready. However, the day has arrived.

Why do we have to do a presentation in English anyway? Why can’t those dumb English learn our language? Why do we have to work twice as hard preparing everything in their language? If we were to go to their country, we would have to learn their language. Why is it that when they come to our countries, WE have to speak their English?

These are some of the typical questions that ESL students ask when the pressure becomes too much to handle. Speaking a second language is not easy for many especially when the company expects a perfect impression.

You might think it would be easier just to hire an interpreter and let them deal with it. You might call in sick. You might start looking for a new job in the wanted section of your local newspaper.

It does not have to be that way. It takes time and practice, but like everything you really want to do in life, the more you practice the easier and better you become at it. If you speak one language, you can speak two. Build your confidence and remember you are doing the “dumb English” a favour by communicating with them in a language they understand. You should feel proud that you are able to speak more than one language. It looks good on you; forget about what they look like!

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