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On Shopping TEFL


qhiman4When your job or social behaviour calls on you to introduce a new language to your communication skills, it can be an overwhelming feeling. What do you do? If English is your target language, you can find a TEFL or teacher of English as a foreign language. The only problem is how to choose a good teacher. The choice is enormous!


Solution: Go TEFL Shopping!


First, ask yourself WHY you want to learn English.

  • Is it because you need to pass an exam to get into university?
  • Does your job require you to have a certain understanding of the language?
  • Are you meeting the friends of your spouse who do not speak any other language than English?
  • Do you have an exchange program with your teenager and have the obligation to host an English speaking teen in your home?
  • Once you know the motivation behind wanting to learn English, your choice of teachers becomes easier.

If you are looking for help with entering into university, find a teacher who can help you with all five areas of English skills: Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing and Grammar. Depending on where you take your exam and how much of the basics you have already studied will determine which areas of English you will need to focus on.

If your job requires English knowledge and time is an issue, you need a teacher that can give you the magic tricks of communication in order to bring you up to level as quickly as possible in the time available. In every skill, there are techniques that only a professional can offer because of their experience and knowledge of the topic. Be prepared to work hard and listen to the advice your teacher has to share.

If, on the other hand, your desire to learn comes from a strictly social stimulus, then find a person who can relate to your hobbies, likes and dislikes, needs and hopes, and whose companionship is enjoyable so that communication flows easily and continuously during the scheduled class time.

Learning English – or – learning to communicate in English can have the same meaning, but the learning approach can be completely different depending on your personal needs-analysis. If you know the why, your teacher will know the how, and the combination will help you meet your objectives in a more direct way.

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