Exam Time – writing

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Exam Time – writing

In summer, many ESL students are studying for exams that range from recuperation to maintenance to advancing for self-improvement. Here are some tips for the written exam.

practicas2-190x111When preparing for a written exam, or for any written work for that matter, always keep in mind the people who will be reading your work.  Make sure your sentences are clear and easy to read.  Provide all the necessary information to your reader.  Study useful vocabulary for the type of written work you will have to present. When you look at that blank piece of paper in front of you, be organized.  If writing a composition for example, start with a title, then put an opening statement that refers to the title, followed by the supporting or contrasting (or both) arguments on the topic, and finally, a conclusion that completes your message. It is also important to stay within the allotted amount of words that ranges between 120-180 words in a Selectivity or B1 exam for a composition.

Exams are one of the best ways to get an immediate evaluation of what people think about your writing abilities.  Writing can be a lot of fun if you take the time to organise your thoughts.  If you follow the pattern you have planned out for your work, you will give yourself an amazing opportunity to present your ideas to the world.

Good luck and happy writing!

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