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Improve your Business English and Increase your Earning Potential and Career Opportunities 

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The ability to communicate effectively in business English is now a required skill for many corporate and public sector employees. While modern schooling might provide you with a good understanding of the English language, who can help you to improve your ability to communicate more effectively and accurately in a business world predominantly English?

Quiero Hablar Inglés Business focuses on providing personalised English language training to businesses along the Costa del Sol. The goal is to work in close collaboration with clients and industry bodies to design and deliver English language courses of unparalleled experience.

By tailoring each program to your specific needs and using an individually designed approach for every English class, we are able to offer you an unequalled level of individual English language training. You will benefit from the experience.

Classes focus on Proficiency,  Business English, and English for Academic Purposes.

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With no greater guarantee of quality than our clients, your successful English program is assured.

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Improving Business English with Video Conferencing

In our experience, many people that want to learn English have a common difficulty. They are afraid of sounding silly when dealing with their clients who speak English.

This problem is the first we deal with when trying to help people improve their English. Being shy or having fear of error is something you need to get over quickly because it only slows your learning process.

Remember: It is not important how you sound, but what you are saying.

If people do not understand you when you speak, or you do not understand them, many factors could be involved. It could be a problem of pronunciation, grammar or vocabulary. They all have a solution.

The solution is easy. You need to practice and study. What makes it difficult is to find the time to do that within a working day.

Now with videoconferencing, you can find 20 minutes in your hectic schedule to practice your English from the comfort of your own home or office.

While drinking a coffee and writing your emails, you could be having an English conversation on line which would help your “speaking and listening” skills. Not only that, but it is also easy to read and send files directly onto your computer so that your reading and writing skills can improve as well.

An excellent tool to take into consideration as technology moves rapidly into our lives and helps us to move forward in our work.



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